Sarah Gage

Professional Fully Qualified Counsellor

I am a professional counsellor with over fifteen years of experience delivering therapeutic counselling.

I am now based in Melton Mowbray and I have worked in both private practice and for a charity helping young people in Northamptonshire.

I hold many professional qualifications, including:

  • Advanced Diploma in Therapeutic Counselling
  • L3 Child Development & the Development of Relationships
  • Attachment Theory: Linking Theory with Practice
  • Effective Communication: Knowledge, Skills & Strategy

For more information on my qualifications, please visit my qualifications page.

During my sessions, I offer a safe, non-judgmental, and supportive space for those who come to me to explore and heal from past and current difficulties. Working creatively allows us to explore various ideas that, alongside traditional talk therapy, help me precisely tailor each session to your needs.

Creative therapies provide an alternative way to explore problems when words are perhaps too difficult to come by and can often help you find new ways to look at the issues you face.

Your inner world is totally unique. Adult or child, I will step into your shoes and help guide you through it, helping you become the best version of yourself. No matter why you come to me, I will listen with empathy and compassion.

As a National Counselling and Psychotherapy Society member, I abide by their ethical code and focus on listening, accepting, and understanding you. I have trained in Person-Centred Counselling, allowing you to guide our sessions, and focusing only on what you want to talk about - I won’t push you to discuss anything you are uncomfortable with. I also hold both Professional and Public Liability Insurance.

You are in the right place.

Contact me today for empathetic, compassionate and comprehensive therapy to arrange your first session for yourself or your child.

I am now Melton Mowbray based, and I offer both in-person and online sessions, so no matter where you are in the UK, I can work with you.